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1100 lineal foot revetment on the shores of Lake Michigan in Stevensville, MI.  The 37 foot wide revetment included regrading of existing scoured/eroded slope to ensure proper placement of all proposed materials.  Repositioning of existing stone in order to allow proper installation of new 6,111 SYD - 16 Oz. non-woven geotextile filter fabric.  Excavation of approximately 1,020 CYD of granular material in order for installation of the proposed toe area.  All excavated material to be placed on eroded slope areas for fill.  Placement of 1-foot of 6-8" mattress stone used as a bearing foundation of the revetment for the larger armour stone.  Upon placement of mattress stone placement of 6-8 tone armour toe stone was placed at the toe of the revetment.  The existing 1-2 ton armour stone was reconfigured onto the slope with placement of re-bar free concrete that was covered with 2-4 ton armor slope stone to overall increase the structural integrity of the exiting revetment and to reduce wave action.

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